Owned by the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), the Eaglecrest Ski Area charges user fees and receives funds from CBJ for basic operating costs. The Eaglecrest Foundation strives to augment these funds for two specific purposes:

1. To allow access to the ski area for deserving youth who cannot afford to ski and snowboard.

2. To fund additional projects not subsidized by the CBJ. Often, there is a need for other capital improvements that cannot be financed by the CBJ due to limited resources. Eaglecrest Foundation seeks to support these advancements through community involvement and donations. 

The Eaglecrest Foundation is a legally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to promoting opportunities for Juneau youth ski and snowboard. With a strong community focus and commitment to expanding snow programs throughout Juneau, the Eaglecrest Foundation supports programs which provide a supportive learning environment for young athletes of all economic backgrounds.

Skiing and snowboarding introduce unique developmental situations that may never otherwise present themselves. These may include:

+ Promoting greater self-esteem in young athletes, both mentally and physically.
+ Encouraging youth to set personal goals and inspiring them to meet and overcome challenges.
+ Providing a fun, healthy environment for exercise.

We strongly believe that financial restrictions should never be a factor in determining whether Juneau youth have the chance to participate and benefit from snow sports. The Eaglecrest Foundation is committed to helping eliminate this fiscal barrier, and continuously aims to raise funds to be used to provide financial support to programs such as Books2Boards.

Located in beautiful Juneau, Alaska, Eaglecrest Ski Area is a community-owned winter recreation area and year-round destination for affordable outdoor recreation and education. Supported by the City and Borough of Juneau, Eaglecrest is dedicated to keeping snow sports, summer outdoor activities and other recreational opportunities accessible to local residents and visitors throughout all four seasons. To learn more about the Eaglecrest Ski Area, please visit skijuneau.com